Laptop Pc Desktop Repair
Laptop Pc Desktop Repair


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Desktop and Laptop Computer Repairs

A full array of diagnostic programs and equipment allow me to troubleshoot computer faults I will quickly decide if the PC problem is hardware or software related. I have access to a full range of pc parts in stock and can usually source other parts on a next day or same day basis, if repair cannot be carried out on site then we offer free collection /return service.

Wired and Wireless and Internet Problems.

A network is a great way of distributing internet access to one or multiple PCs throughout your property. A1 is able to quickly and reliably diagnose and fix your problem and give you jargon free advice to ensure it does not happen again. A1  can professionally set up a secure, maintenance free, reliable wired or wireless network (or a mixture of both) in your home or home office.

Virus and Spyware Removal.

Malicious software infections are very common these days with the majority computers affected by them to some degree, most of these viruses and spyware, malware and ransomware programs have only one aim that is to steal or trick money out of you. I am very experienced in removing these infections, repairing any damage they have caused to your computer and securing your PC to avoid it happening again.

Email Troubleshooting.




A1 can assist with all of the usual email problems including error messages and junk mail (spam).

Computer Servicing.

If your PC’s performance has steadily worsened over time, it is most likely swamped with obsolete programs and data. It could also be infected by spyware which isn’t always discovered by computer security programs. A service from A1 will bring it back up to speed again, with careful streamlining of the software, your computer could be faster than ever.

Broadband Setup



Broadband internet equipment must be configured and filtered correctly to avoid poor service and interference on your phone lines, with over a hundred successful installations in and around TELFORD, A1 can help you avoid the pitfalls of an incorrect setup.

Computer Setup.

Avoid the hassle of setting up a new computer system, I can do it all for you, A1 can plug it all in, set up the internet and email, install your software and hardware (cameras, printers, etc.) make sure it has adequate security, and remove any unwanted or trial software that came pre-installed.

Printer Problems.



Printers have always caused plenty of headaches for computer users, I offer support with installation and can troubleshoot error messages and communication problems.

Backup Solutions.

With people now storing large collections of photos, music and work on their computers, it is more important than ever to backup your important data. A failed hard drive, bad virus or accidental deletion could mean that the data is lost for good. A1 can provide various backup solutions on site, some can be configured to backup automatically, Your pc will stop working one day, some sooner than others -                DON'T LEAVE TO CHANCE.

Data Recovery.


Should the worst happen and your computer dies or won't start up, A1 can often recover your precious pictures, music, emails and work, as long as the hard disk drive inside your PC tower or laptop isn't the part that failed, there is a good chance that all's not lost.

PC Upgrades.


Upgrades are a great way of improving performance and capability, bringing a computer more up to date, both new and old computers/LAPTOPS can benefit from upgrades, A1 will check and advise on the suitability of your PC first ensuring you are not throwing good money after bad. I won't talk computer jargon or try to baffle you with science, I will explain things in plain English.

Operating System Upgrade.

The latest Operating System from Microsoft is Windows 10. This became available in July 2015, therefore if you have not bought a new computer (or laptop) since then, it is likely that you could be running an older Operating System such as Windows 8, Windows 7 and not getting the full benefits of using the new technology that comes with Windows 10. 

If you have an old computer running either Windows 8 or Windows 7, then we can upgrade this
for you. We will come and collect your computer, we will bring it back with Windows 10 installed the same day, if collected before midday.

Training / Tuition & Support


We can provide tailored training to help you make the most of your home computer.


We won’t overload you with technical jargon, we present you with the information you need in a clear and friendly way. We listen to your needs and provide tailored training lessons to suit you.

Whether it’s learning how to share photos and files with your friends and family, setting up and understanding email, organising your files and folders, learning how to backup data or any other training the home user might need we can provide the answer.

For a free no-obligation conversation to discuss your needs please get in touch.


Avoid high repair bills with the reassurance of our computer repair and maintenance...


A computer failure is bad enough without having to worry about expensive repair costs.
With our computer care packages we can help you avoid those unexpected bills from just £8.00 per month. This includes an annual service to help keep your system clean and running smoothly.
You don't have to be a PC Clinic customer to benefit from this service. Why wait for your computer to fail and find yourself settling an unpleasant bill. Let our computer care package take care of it and avoid the bill.

care plans

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